Ship Review: Viking Star

With so many ships out there and so little time, it is great to be able to find people out there that love cruising as much as we do!  I would love to introduce Jim Zimmerlin or Jim Zim as his friends call him!  He resides in Grover Beach, California with his wife Kellyn.   Jim enjoys cruising among many other things and has a very active Youtube channel where he posts wonderful ship and cruise reviews on many different cruise lines.  Today I would like to share with you his video on the Viking Star.

Jim maintains all rights to the following text, photos and videos and the opinions presented are his.

Up until 2014, we primarily cruised with Carnival.  Then we decided to see if the other cruise lines had anything better to offer.  We tried cruising with Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian…  and came to the conclusion that each of the cruise lines had their own strengths.

In 2015, I started hearing about a brand new cruise line:  Viking Ocean Cruises, and their very first cruise ship, Viking Star.  From the people behind Viking River Cruises, the dominant river cruise line in Europe, this brand new ocean cruise line has a very different spin on cruising than the big cruise lines.  Every cabin has a balcony.  The ships are small and un-crowded.  Children are not allowed onboard.  They don’t nickel & dime you by constantly charging extra for every little thing.  There are no formal nights.  They even let you carry your own alcohol on to the ship, if you’d like to.

That all sounded pretty darned good to me, so we decided to give it a try…  and booked a cruise on Viking Star for the end of October 2016.

Read about his journey by clicking here and don’t miss the YouTube video!

Head over to Jim’s Youtube channel by clicking here!  Make sure that you subscribe and turn on notifications so that you are alerted whenever he posts a new video!

You can also visit his website, by clicking here.

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