Ports of Call & More (Part 3)

Ports of Call and Disembarkation

When you are in port, make sure to bring your sea-pass cards as well as your passport or other documentation. Also, take note of the all aboard time to ensure that you are back on the ship in time for departure. If you are on a ship booked excursion that runs late the ship will wait for you, HOWEVER, if you are exploring on your own or have booked an independent tour and arrive at the port late, the ship will not wait for you. It is important not to be late! If this happens, it is imperative that you have your passport so that you can arrange travel to meet the ship at the next port of call.

When you vacation has come to an end, there are few things to keep in mind to ensure a stress-free disembarkation. The night before you will need to place your luggage outside for pickup. Make sure that you keep all necessary clothes, toiletries, and most importantly your travel documents and passport for the following day.

On disembarkation day you will be given the option walk off the ship with all of your luggage. This option usually is best for those with early fights or arrangements as these passengers are first to get off of the ship. If you choose this option, then forget what I said above about needing to out your suitcase out the evening before. If you decided to stay on the ship, you will be assigned a disembarkation group and waiting area. Head out for breakfast, then grab your carry-on luggage and head to your designated waiting area. Your group will be called and you will make your way to the gangway to disembark the ship. You will proceed to baggage claim, then on to US Customs and Immigration. In some ports, we had the option to use a porter, they help grab your bags and take you to a quicker line for customs, well worth the tip for the porter for the time saved in line!

Unfortunately your vacation has come to an end, however, the great thing is that once you are home you can call me to start planning your next cruise!

Have a question about your next cruise?  Ask away!

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