Polar Bears of Churchill, Canada

Everyone has bucket list travel destinations, mine was a desolate tundra with temperatures well under freezing with some of the largest land predators in the world…  In November I made the trek to photograph the polar bears of Churchill, Canada.  It was an epic adventure that I will never forget, I would like to share a bit of my trip with you in this post.

I traveled from Denver to Winnipeg, Canada where I took part in a briefing meeting with our tour company, Natural Habitat Adventures.  Here, I met my tour guides, Justin and Bonnie.  From Winnipeg, we boarded a charter flight up to Hudson Bay, to the small town of Churchill.  We then transferred to a tundra rover, a custom designed vehicle that allowed us navigate the tundra environment in warm comfort.  It was on this trip that I caught the glimpse of my first wild polar bear.  I knew at that moment that I was in for a treat over the course of the next week.  

We arrived at the Tundra Lodge after about 2 hours of trekking.  This is simply the most amazing polar bear experience available, situated outside Churchill directly on the vast expanse of the subarctic tundra.  From my own private cabin window, the main lounge or the open-air observation platforms, I had constant proximity to polar bears in the area, at all hours of the day.  This custom “train” of connected bedrooms, dining room and lounge car is built on wheels and allows for Nat Hab to place it in the best area for bear viewing.

During the day, we would take the Tundra Rover out to search for more bears and get into optimal position for great photography.  My entire trip was filled with awe-inspiring events from the hospitality, the food and of course the wildlife.  Please enjoy the photos below and contact me for your next travel adventure!


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