First-Time European River Cruise Need-To-Knows

Our friend over at Tips for Travellers recently created a wonderful video while cruising Europe’s River with Viking.  I would like to share his insight on river cruising and choosing your next river cruise.  He does a great job explaing the difference between ocean and river cruises, how to choose a river cruise and ship, describing your fellow cruisers and more!  

The way that you choose a river cruise line is very different, and it’s very much around always how you’d choose a hotel that you want to stay at. Do you normally like to travel in a three-star, four star or five-star hotel? Do you like to travel in a traditional decor hotel or a modern contemporary hotel?

In practice river cruise ships are largely the same, and they largely have to be the same because they have to be a certain length, width and height to go along the rivers. As you look at the different river cruise ships, they look incredibly similar from the outside and their structure and facilities inside are very similar. You have a dining room, lounge perhaps a small library, some will have a fitness centre, and some may have a second dining room.

Please enjoy his video as well as his blog post.



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