Advantages of using a Travel Agent

Cruise Planners Travel Advisors rock. 

Why use a travel agent?  In the age of the internet, studies show that consumers visit as many as 38 travel websites before they commit to their next getaway.  Let us as a Cruise Planners Travel Advisor simplify your life. We are travel experts and do more than just book a trip.  

Travel has always been exciting for our family.  We have also made it a large part of our young children’s lives taking them all over the world.  It is so wonderful to share our travel experiences as a family as we explore new ships, destinations, and cultures.

Why use a travel agent?

Cruise Planners travel agents get to know you and will walk you through the different destinations and vacation choices based on your needs, priorities, and interests of the people in your group. We are seasoned travelers as well, therefore we’ll give you first-hand advice about planning the perfect getaway. And because we’ve got access to exclusive value-added amenities such as American Express Travel benefits and the best available travel deals we will take the legwork and the guesswork off your hands. 

Check out what Cruise Planners Travel Experts can do for you (and your vacation).

  • Provide personalized travel advisor services
  • Offer value-added benefits and amenities
  • Pledge to be your advocate before, during and after your trip
  • Be your one-stop shop for all your traveling needs
  • Secure the best value for you
  • Arrange transportation
  • Suggest packing tips and necessities

From getaway cruises and vacation resorts to land vacations and completely packaged vacations, our Travel Agents specialize in all types of travel and will work with you to design an unforgettable vacation.

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